How to Boost Lead Generation with Video

Finding and connecting with prospects has never been easier, but attracting them and converting them to customers is harder than ever. Businesses must stay nimble, savvy, and in touch with their prospects’ needs, who are very much in the driver’s seat in today’s market. 

Some companies continue to remain dependent on tired tactics of cold calling and impersonal promotions but others have found the power of Inbound Marketing, where the script is flipped and companies provide all the tools necessary for customers to self navigate the solutions that are most interesting to them.

This approach does not leave sales up to chance but builds a lead generation strategy that has the ability to Attract, Convert, and Close strangers and prospects into leads that are primed and interested in speaking to a sales person.

Content marketing has been the engine to fuel lead generation tactics for the past several years, which is why we’ve seen such a huge trend in blogging and the use of social media by businesses, but as the broader market catches up, marketing and sales teams must find new ways to differentiate and grab their audience’s attention.

This is where video comes in. Attention spans are shortening and content marketing has overwhelmed consumers with a ton of text to read to research the products and services they need. Consumers are looking for anything that can shorten the research period so that they can quickly know where to spend their time. A video can do that. In fact, it has been found that videos are 12 times more likely to be watched than text is to be read.

The strategic use of video at different stages of the marketing funnel can make all the difference in the performance of your lead generation efforts.



Videos that Attract

Explainer Video
An explainer video is a great way to attract your audience and give them some high level information about your offering. The focus of this video must be on your customer’s primary pain points so that they can quickly identify that learning more about your product or service is worth their time. Something that tells them they are in the right place and that you can help solve their problem.

Make sure you have appropriate follow up content following each video or blog post so that visitors never come to the end of their journey and you are guiding how they go deeper into their research.

Videos that Convert

A live webinar provides an opportunity to capture information about your audience in exchange for expert content. One of the benefits of a webinar is that users can tune in and decide whether they want to simply listen or participate in a Q&A at the end to get more answers to their questions. Having flexibility in the level of engagement users can have is smart for middle of the funnel content. Giving users the ability to chart their own course of research is important for those who are wary about getting cornered in a sales conversation while others may want to quickly jump to requesting a one on one demo so that they can have more immediate answers to their questions.

How-To Video
A how-to video or how-to series takes your audience beyond high level product info into how they can solve a specific problem with your solution. If the video holds valuable enough information, gating it through the use of a service like Wistia is a smart way to hook your audience by letting them start the video but ask for their information to see the full clip.

Landing Page Video
Videos have proven to increase conversions on landing pages for other content. Since people prefer to watch video over read text, you can quickly get your audience’s attention before they bounce off of a gated landing page and convince them of the value of the content that lies behind the form.

Videos that Close

Product Demo
A product demo is a great offer for closing deals. In this demo you have the ability to customize content to the person your are speaking to and use the power of video to tell them a story and help them visualize how they specifically will use their product. The product demo is where you transition a marketing qualified lead into a sales conversation.

Testimonial Video
When your prospect is in the decision stage testimonials can build credibility and trust for your company and solution. If your engaged leads are receiving emails triggered by a download or gated content piece they converted on, timing a testimonial or case study at the right time can help move the sales conversation along.

Whether it is a short video to promote written content, a live webinar that offers value and answers to real pain points, or a well-timed testimonial video promoted through an email series, video is one of the most powerful tools for converting leads. To discuss how video can further your marketing and sales goals, let’s talk. Reach out by emailing

Kristin Bock